Monday, November 24, 2014

i am in the corner


never been grounded before

i'm as pretty as marilyn monroe.

everyone wears a mask.

marilyn monroe

she would've gone bankrupt

think she was already

when the expenses wear off,
and the war fades from the news,
and the neighbors fall in love,
and i memorize the names of all

the major players,
and the so-called islamic state
finds something new to jerk off to,

and i begin to see why the beetles
are supposed to be cool,
and my friends can be happy
because they are permitted use of
their own money,

and my teeth stop aching,
and the lice stop squirming,
and the fleas stop biting,
and the ticks stop happening,

the bombs stop dropping.

by then it is dull.

daddy used to say
we all have a need for wealth.

oh daddy.
i think we just see ourselves
in everything we look at

and that's why we're so mean!