Thursday, November 27, 2014


law enforcement. doctor handwriting
i prescribe you
blooming multiverse i made an animal noise

growl woof caw meow rattle peck blah blah

those are chills
those are chills between my orgasms

i didn't like having them
because i tried to make that face
in the mirror before

and a boy couldn't possibly like it
it's not pretty
therefore it doesn't offer me security

 and that time
we were about to fuck that one guy

which is always exciting

but i blacked out for the rest of the night
except these few times
where he said all concerned:

"are you okay?"

no idea what i said to him. probably "yeah".

the next morning i awoke and
i saw unborn teenagers that

could've been other version of
me by now
hum bum buzzz guzzle nuzzle foot rub

now they're coming out
out of their mothers
out of the hospitals

out of the parkways
house, woods

apartment building
all the people separated to

spend money believing in below
in below, a greatness- an unfinished sentence

mall rats terrorists hoodlums soccer moms
religion fanatics and if they're

separate from my own culture
let the unfinished sentences get taken care
of by someone else,

they're their problems now- weeds.
i've got

other awkward silences to do better at.