Tuesday, November 25, 2014

songbird's full names
tv guide listings, things i want
for christmas. coffee number

three. sleeping pill. part the vitreous wave,
allow me a poetry.

pizza and ren and stimpy? can do.

young lady

i dream of new york city
because of its filled up space
-a depth-plunge
sitting on my body
except its outline

once a stroke
from fingers in sand
of a bay

the body cannot move, save
toes wiggling, trying to get
god's attention.

now i don't know what i want to
be when i grow up

grandmother and family-friends looked at you
fondly. people find innocence
rather adorable.

keep it. revive it. honor it.
remember these homemakers.

grandmother and grand-aunt sibling
rivalry, instilled

in sister and i