Sunday, December 28, 2014

aum tara starving light force-

you be my skeleton key,
my darling daughter.

and if you meditate
meditate really hard
you learn that

first of all
relativity: discerned perception.

and second

not to feel bad
if i'm not always gasping at
how amazing the stars are

for if i do not gasp, it means
i am not attached

and stars are dead so even better.
don't get all hung-up
on the dead!

i've only known
exaggerated in appearance
oh why
oh why me

because really
they are just as much
particles of the flux
as i am

little atoms fizzling, eating
away at each other, babbling

in vowels and even numbers
about cosmogony

walk the streets nude
mimic the ceremony
the best i can.

preparing for combustion.

sentient teal rings!