Friday, December 26, 2014

did you know those are pearls
yeah pearls are saliva

and it's all over your pillow
out of your mouth

and mine as well

you breathe, breath
changing pearls to opaque

how light!
this pearl is for us all
and a sacrifice for

the moon
thank you! being

alive is so threatening

this pearl is a he loves me, he loves me not pearl
and so are the next few.

this pearl is for
the born at long last

and also for
born again over and over
at the same time.

"alive" is the origin

we are all flowergirls, after all

these next
keep the planet spinning.

underneath our feet
possession of feeling


i confess i am its and i give

it all
the power

pandora was naive
yes this is she

and yes
this is she proudly