Saturday, December 27, 2014

mutter pretense moan hot
bubbles sprinkle tissue
leech fig tree first man
first woman first fuck-up
figuring it out the

fool-proof way mutating into
every other color imaginable
turning out to be
no matter what

the day is shot,
say my body saved the
world if the world is a war
and all i did
while it was happening
was lots of nothing

can we keep it

even after he became enlightened along with all the other german people in my dream, and he ran out of his house proclaiming it, it was too late because this was post-apocalyptic, and we had all wound up marrying everything we didn't believe in but found comfort in, and there were giant ant-robots everywhere we had learned to adjust to, and it was too late. we lynched hitler when he came out of hiding, because sorry from hitler didn't mean anything.