Wednesday, December 31, 2014

this v. this

i cried at the news. a fortune cookie
had made it come true. goal accomplished!
i thought maybe i'd make a postsecret out of it.
'kuz i thought there was something
with me this whole time that i don't cry at the news

just trying to keep up with
the names of countries, why

do they keep talking about islam, and saying

white/black- and please do bring light
to how non-violence isn't even non-violence any longer.

nonono i don't want to be apolitical! i want a special title!
bring light to how impressionable we stay
and do what we're told
but say we go out of our ways not to.


my name is george orwell. i left
the graveyard seeking a 24mg nicotine patch.
there wasn't a single person who
i passed on my journey
that knew everything like i do.

should you choose to,
i hope you find the learning experience exciting .