Tuesday, January 6, 2015

dangerous crutch, one step not
ever quite leading to the
next. suction

of the pacifier. you can always
humor in good taste, but
to confuse is an incidental

thousands of guns please themselves
a rainbow of them
as a flipbook

deny it. go to the supermarket
to get away from it. it

get's worse until
it's well-rested.

i read about neuroscience upstate. all
i learned failed to stick to my
memory. it stays that way.

there's something about
books about the brain

that i get a guilty feeling over my own brain
when i read them.
just feel better, as if there isn't a jungle gym
filled with jungle gyms and monkeys
throwing shit and shit throwing
temper tantrums

all having unwholesome sex
with each other

all within the jungle gym-
the sonorous brain, that is.

just be enlightened like me, because
it's better than your chaos
which you cherish.

its axis is fixed and somehow triumphant.

once a year, and only during
the night
the lightning comes down and
cherishes the earth. sequins- the

result is a sparkling cave-snow. the
ground is cold in my
matching socks, and i'm not over it.

space inside looks exactly
like space above. afraid of heights
though earth is in mid-air