Monday, January 5, 2015

with-child snowflake- driftin'. an inevitability

my man is big and my man is strong, and
i'm fastened to the side of my man

and if i wasn't
a baby buddha would pop out of him

and i'd die five days later.

in america, you can be prejudiced against anything. just
some prejudices have names and some don't and
some aren't super politically correct to acknowledge.

you can be prejudiced against any t-h-i-n-g- which means,
that things have souls and since we're not convinced
we are incomplete. jesus god hold hands everyone

like on unicef cards!

my name is america and i'm an alcoholic.
i'm an alcoholic because
i see idealists rise and get all corrupted
every new presidency. they were chosen
because the house of representatives saw
innocence which they were
interested in breaking the hymen of.

then the presidents become these fallen
romantic figures with gray hair.

but not all idealists.
i don't see what's so shitty about wanting
to make the earth go around as well as
making the earth go around.

once i saw a lady with her granddaughter
on my block. the granddaughter was about
to pick flowers from the house i once

picked flowers at but my mom told me
not to do that again ('kuz it's rude.)

this lady educated her daughter all gently
that flowers live and that's why
it isn't polite to pick them.

i can't think of any other law so big and universal.