Monday, January 5, 2015

miss kali our lady who has
got style

couldn't get enough of donating
blood just one try and she was in it
for the long haul

she in her WASP-y destiny

i know
i know i'm white
the only color nobody notices

so lonely
wish i had friends so
drugs instead

and i'm missing the drug
who i leave
there is yet to be a parting.

funny thing, leaving doesn't
always change the way you feel

lisp to overcome


rock in my lungs
kissed it in nature

and it said "my daughter, these
lies become yours too, from
now on.
every formula known to man
i tear it down in the waiting room 'kuz
it's not my thing i've

you are hopeless, so into the streets.
you have such a great big heart, into the streets with you
show it off there.

so badly did i want her to be a doctor.
and because she didn't reach these distressful, unrealistic
i went on to always remind her this has broken me
and she went on to remind herself she's a disappointment
as well as fat ugly gross etc.,

we're in a car together in cypress hills.
i'm showing her that, like me, you can come from crap
and grow up to be a capitalist man
and feel detached entirely from where you originated

and suppress all the chaos like really.

at a red light, a man begins cleaning
the windows. "stop stop stop stop stop no no NO"

kali thinks he looks desperate.
shit is he desperate.

jehovah's witnesses and them-

i unlock the car door and run out there because
i get that

get that lots