Wednesday, January 28, 2015

these, these, these, thief.
wandering eye i want us to die
in the name of love. other

people do weird shit like that
all the time.
savage us both but not of hunt.

my senile dog is going
to be sent down the river.

there is no toll for other animals.

baby blanket, death blanket.
long time ago i dreamt

i was strolling along the brooklyn bridge except
it was the g.w bridge and i was with my dog
and my ex-stepmother and she was riding a horse.

my dog was happy and you can tell through his
prancing and his lifted tail. "tail". it's like
two inches long.

then he tripped on a plank and was dangling off the
side of the bridge from his harness. i panicked
and tried to figure it out in my head before
acting. so he loosened of the harness

and i watched him skydive into the water below
kind of like a flying squirrel.

i woke up and cried.