Monday, February 23, 2015

gunshy to light plants on fire; but your honor,
don't we need that burning bush
in order for our history to not change course ?

i buy candy and walk past the graveyards,
holding that breath, the phenomenon that
connects us all-

it does not know, nor

is it ignorant- sits back and waits for you
to let you be it.

there's that serpentine
drinking the blood of old kronos and the water
from his bath.

teal-colored endeavor. i too can drink like a fish
'til it isn't funny anymore.

some things melt now. clocks, and also
indulgences and their rise- the sky is the limit.
singing to distract away the acknowledgment of it.

long are the days of being in grave danger.
you learn value; you learn how to knit.

i say this at that age i creak back and forth
in the rocking chair, blindly
saying whatever is thought.

a draft passes.

belonging, i've been persuaded. there's nothing i can do.