Saturday, February 28, 2015

i have to think.

give me time. give me time to think.
maybe i will get to know the neighbors.

maybe getting out of bed won't be executed with
the force of suction out of fantasy-land

every morning.

maybe i am cool. maybe i am nice. a little snobbish.

stop. a plan.

i'll throw a sweater on i never wear
and cut my ponytail off real quick. sneak out

the window. walk down the block.
"get in the car."

"why officer, you have such big strong arms."

"peach, we know you're a crazy. everyone who has
ever been in some kind of contact with you
even those
who don't remember you

have confirmed this. get in the car."

"officer, i hate to belittle your power trip, but my name

isn't peach.
it's banana.

i do know somebody by the name of peach though.
she's one crazy son of a bitch.

something tom robbins would fall in love with.

there she goes! gasp gasp! that'away!

take off sweater i never wear. push my
barbie-button and grow new hair.

chop off the ponytails as they come.
send them to children in need.

i know how it feels
is why i do stuff like that. and i know

that it feels like it sucks.

continue to walk down block.
follow the mallard duck.

hide behind dumpster.

fast until i see the forest trees speaking to me
at last
in my native tongue.

continue to fast.