Sunday, February 15, 2015

pick a number, the number

that you count to 'til you can't take
the telescope on your eye anymore

what is it that you saw? ah, i see, but
i take secrets to the grave so i
dare not repeat.

don't you want expansions, big blue
mind blowing gravity orchestrated poorly.
don't i ever.

it's up to us to wonder
what piques curious- a quick second
of not changing the subject;

what do we do, what are we supposed to do
ignore it

this is a story where condom wrappers
don't fit in anywhere. this is a clean slate.

bird cages- the door left open
saving up money for those things
that get us to
charge toward the meaning of life

soberly i say. speaking
how expected to speak: do this, he/she say.

i wanted the adoration i faced
as a small thing

the kind of small thing you don't know
well enough to do much more with then
say "hi" to.

i didn't know if this was a fight so i decided
to fight back, just in case, choosing
my weapons wisely-
borrowing from my knowledge of death- had it in me.

freedom of speech- choose upon that goddess
you decide doesn't like you. truly, she is
just trying to get to know you.

she is green, the green that disgusts
because it is muck

the muck that same color the skin of the man
who was skinned alive- pulsates the history,
every moment he

believed he was wicked,
every moment he felt love...
i am led to believe this man was
not dangerous, but in danger.