Thursday, February 26, 2015


remembering one fact? i can do it.

you better believe i've had it up to here.
i'm nothing if not shame, copper

already green.
that's a pity when you're still a pretty young thing.


i'm tugging at anybodies shirt-
in the streets and its the shirt of everyone,
every stranger. are you my mother?

think about it later
back in the sanctuary.

those strangers weren't paying attention.

none of you father
my demons but if you don't love them

you don't love me.
everybody is a stranger, aren't they?

so go; do your real life things.

i have pet dragons.

they open their mouths, yawns
of circumference wider than that
of a venus fly traps.

they do not ask for a feeding.
without fire to breathe, they speak.

wear that heart on the sleeve.

flick of the match.

don't look up, don't look down. this bridge
hasn't been inspected since the eighties.

castle's fire-alarm beeps madly
until deafening.

i say shut-up. i say i love you.
wear that heart on the

ancestral lace.
ancestral lace.