Wednesday, February 18, 2015

unfeeling toward the border
the one that separates the diametrically opposed
and all the other instruments dance
and dance
and hit, and rip, and heal
and change seasons new/old; staring, and stared at

perhaps neither, ever.

you found you in you- whole-brain
so chemically big-in-statement

after jumping the golden gate midway down
it was thought

"i want to live"

i heard of a survivor. they were a monster seeking company,
where else but at a bus station. now, if i was there, i'd offer
the monster that company.

the monster told their life story and couldn't stop
extending memories
as if discoveries on the spot

feeling a little hopeful as speaking.
it began raining. so the monster

went where there would a roof,
this one had old plexiglass walls. scratched

into them was "peace and love". grin grin.
war is without happiness

and happiness
moved in for those who are against war at heart.

i am touched by the wild not at war;
on four legs i comment about it.

horses who wander
that otherwise would be shot-

i take them in, love them
love as in if love was my own to choose

who i assign mine to.

in order to miss something one loves properly,
one must dress up properly.
i believe what it is which i miss believed in rainbows.
it begged for rain.

i know how it was born just by remembering it-
yawn/stretch born amid light symphony in flower-centers.