Tuesday, March 31, 2015


violently the hope of change opens up
i swing my unhinged arms everywhere

staring up at the twilight
remembering the stars are me

i can fight
even with a sickened skeleton in my bed
at any given time

it comes and goes, crashes here, crashes there.

during the odd hours of the night
i scream

my strengths gone dormant are glittering gold, as i behave
kingly as the lion, the

alpha male
beta female
alpha male
beta female

male. dormant strengths
have to do with everything that is not
paid attention to.

everything but the light of the moon sparkle.
a swarvorski crystalline.

down below, at dawn,
mushrooms, quartz, mint: the following life
of our former sins

grow out of the dirt in
forgetfulness of them.

the rain is sweet.