Thursday, March 26, 2015

"no better than a heroin pusher."

it was brought to my attention that my blog could not be commented on without a log-in to a google plus account. and who has a google plus account? that's the uncool social media platform. (what else would i ever go for. all the others are crowded with pawns.)
this was not something i knew, nor can i figure out how to work around, in order to let anyone on the internet drop acts of propriety on my well-researched, exhausting form i share here. i don't know why the fuck i do it except i can count on myself to do it well. and then i don't worry about feeling extra-purposeless.
it's incredible what the universe teaches but also so much thought, emotion, and work to maintain a mindfulness over it no matter what. it is not easy especially with very disruptive, chronically chaotic problems in the way.
and i find this very manipulative and typically sneaky of of a social networking site to be so exclusive, and i intend on looking for a different domain, saying "no" to this blogspot thing in the meantime. wordpress, perhaps? there's something pretentious about it. i don't know.
like i said, my writing can be very tiring. if i can't have my questions answered- the ones concerning what the internet wants with me anyway, whatever happened to freedom of speech, and why was it important long ago but abused but controlled and often censored today....then i can certainly cannot buy that i have some pulsating desire to donate my craft for free to seedy google.

thank you to anyone who has kept up with my blog thus far. i will meditate on another idea of an interactive performance art thingie and spread the word when i think of it, if i don't forget it, first. much of my cognitive train has seemed very sporadic the past few days. experience a brilliant idea, then it fizzles.