Sunday, March 29, 2015

permissable beings.

chirp chirp, said
the red-breasted canary in a cage-

this canary is young, an early life
not yet eaten alive by

the earth. wells
are unfamiliar so far.

i fall into wells.
who doesn't fall into wells?

surely, every phoenix
falls into wells, and pretends it doesn't happen.

there is the motivation provided by
building a bird's nest to attend to.

and the laying of eggs; many eggs.

there must be a gathering of worms; many worms
to chew.

much too much priority to pursue.
this phoenix is simply

a creature of habit
and that is everything to lose. i cannot stand

that i could make the time
to rekindle heartbreak into my life

in order to move past the potholes
in my lot.

if i picture wind chimes and butterflies, and
if i talk to dogs
then it will be okay. easy stuff. particles. hydrogen.

embroidery of gas. voila.
atmospheres. water. have

the atmosphere. it will be
something to wholeheartedly depend on-
i will know it exists.
i will not be tricked.

i will be able to get away with knowing.

i will dream of albert einstein.
i will dream of albert einstein

without feeling demoralized standing
next to him.
i will. i will.
i will.

can you accept a memory when you do not know
it happened or not? one is

presented with an ultimatum- do i
love myself, do i love myself not?

does. but also, does not.

a cocoon transformation presents itself

home, away from the wells; out of black

into pigmented flesh: {clitoris.
skin of the thigh. leg
openness. weight. movement
of muscle.} suprise, i too am human.

i'm even fond
of the downfalls of humanity.

and of course i am. for it is i, lady eve. lady,
the first mother; fertility queen.
the one
that has happened and never died.