Sunday, April 26, 2015

june 2013.

taking reason prisoner.

my body felt light descending, a warm
glorious finger

sticking it into eternal clouds.

the upbringing of another sunrise goes without need
to be faced ever again.
and oh, i could not

possibly deal with it! macbeth, macbeth!

my body degenerates on its own, a dented shell.
it disowns its biology, tossing
its face-

let them eat the cake-

departure from the given
name. it declared this

a radical liberation. the earth
takes care of itself now

should this fresh pair of
toes sink into it

or no.

there is that face nearby- that
stubborn old flesh.

on it, anthills found use

and occupied every particle of it.
the face moved its hole, once
called a mouth,

muttering an SOS

while coughing out worms and dirt
and its tongue falling apart.

but the body it had called to had grown
it obeyed the general direction of life.

it does not know
any other way

nor does it care to.

amen, amen, amen.