Sunday, April 26, 2015

dancing over seeing things.

in the beginning is birth. ouch, ouch,
birth. it distorts anatomy
and makes a person scream real crazy

from any vocal chords they can grip onto

until their voice is lost for days
in silent repentance

for getting reactive.

but this is what must become.
it must become

through intimate human experience.
nobody said birth was painless.

we learn terror from intimacy
and intimacy alone.
it brings us right back
to the beginning-

flashing before my eyes,
photosensitivity, damn the sun
and its shedding of light-

i cry because i'm sad and i don't get
this art of breath.

i am introduced to life all over again.

i didn't mean to block it out-
it seemed to happen because

there would never be a resolve
and it was too strong

to work it all out
any other way.

i did not mean to destroy
some pillar of my memory. in fact,

i meant well.

and here i am again, upset
by pain,

knowing brilliant work

will now run out of my womb, silently
and it will indeed do what it can

to try to knock it into my pea-brain

i've got this shaman thing
going on for me.
i do have that.

people rip their lips in order
for an otherworldly beast to speak.

and you must see this
in order to listen.

the shock runs through
one turbulent fuck of a river

and if it didn't
you would forget this lesson.

be okay with the shaman.
learn your lessons

and never forget them.