Sunday, April 26, 2015


i found a keepsake
in reason-

i wore a chain around my neck
and strung a trinket
filled with ash, emblematic

of reason.

in reason
something about it reminded me
of a proverb
in a dead sea scroll

washed up on shore-

it was found
all shredded and incomprehensible,

all but lost to be deciphered by feel.

considering this, i found a reason
to send it back out
to sea

and let it believe
in itself

nothing else
nothing more. nevermore.

leave yourself alone to explore.

i've got my own discoveries
on my hands

which tremble
from the awareness of being soaked
from the inside-out
in chemicals.

these hands
cling to one another
for body heat.

i must look forward
it's the little things that count, that

turn us into something of
more amount.

sweet nothing,
be my pride and joy.

do not disprove my falsity. falsity
is my only child.

it has a button nose, and eyes
the same color as mine.

something about this face, altogether
grows distorted into
an envisioned staccato, a jaw
dropping further

into the unknown depth
of a vortex

as its body descends

to whatever mossy floor.

it is a bridge to which it sinks down to.
it has a seizure.
it gets hit by a car. a cop car.

with the sirens and all, it did not hear
all the screaming for help.

the cop car was busy
figuring itself out.

this scream for help i speak of
tends to be an unconscious effort.

i see it in everyone.
it is the collective unconscious

trying to help us out.

goose-pimples, mere goose-pimples.