Saturday, April 25, 2015

poem 02.


kiss a really deep dark desire.
however, one catch- never mention it.
get your guy to dump it in the river.
six dollars, sixty six cents. it exists.

and rule number two:
do not look behind you

no matter what your head tells you to do
under any circumstances.
resist. resist all of your strength.

hey-no cheating. that includes
not checking your phone compulsively

to see if so and so called you.
so and so isn't there anymore.

stop! stop looking behind you! you keep seeing
your life losing you! oh my god

you nation of idiots in one person!

hire an au pair
to behave on your childish behalf.

get your daddy to sleep with her.

what planet am i orbiting anyway?
how could this possibly be

the planet of me?

i just suddenly woke up today
and felt used to being an asteroid.
just a rock. that's all, and it's fine by me.

i prepare for a notion of acceptance.

i look at my body for what it is.
just an innocent old rock innocently
sitting around bullshitting about.

my body plays pretend
in its medieval behavior

to be used to its eyes circling it.

it isn't.