Sunday, May 31, 2015

i once
read this book about a guy who's a famous doctor.
what he did was condition dogs into helplessness. it's called
"learned helplessness". this was an important book to read.
when i took the "optimism test", i wound up with a like two.
but i really think optimism is annoying and stupid in a like "god, i just wanna corrupt it," kinda way, and pessimism is annoying and stupid like the guy being that dick-ish brand of depressed who you don't want to invite to the party but you have to due to social politics (there are just some things in life that are laws). so i tend to see past them, and i also see that optimism and pessimism are very superficial, and also bi-partisan...i choose...realism. realism is when i can react any fucking way i want, according to my personality, which seems to be the one thing i cannot change but need to change most. and that, my friends, was an accidental definition of borderline personality disorder.
so let me tell you about learned helplessness and a guy named william shatner:
this guy is a capitalist. okay, i might get hunted by the nsa, but i mean, i've made it through george bush and michael moore movies, so i can survive anything. this could be a matter of something not being on the same page as my energy, but ewww, capitalists. ewwww they like wearing suits and hitting their hearts on their sleeves with baseball bats. they're so commercial. let me just say coked up, as well. this disgust is probably why i never held any interest in snuffing cocaine. this country has evidence of coke in all the marketing it slams in my face of sex and other hedonistic pursuit. there's probably going to be coke in the next pop-tart i eat. which makes me think of "flowers in the attic". and let me just say it, not spray it: if you're after power and power over people especially, just remember...hitler's doctors were, too. faggot.
so we're off to a good start. william shatner is not awesome. i'm tired of william shatner trying to be christopher walken. william shatner's millions-made, famous career was founded on sucking. that is very sad. you could argue with me he was in stark trek and the twilight zone episode with the gremlin on the wing, and i will say yes, that episode scared the crap out of me when i was a kid. now i think it's hysterical. and yeah no, william shatner sucks and ruins star trek for me, too.
it reminds me of learned helplessness. it is not awesome. and if you find it awesome, it's because something in william shatner's poor heartbroken eyes speaks to you ("i'm ugly on the inside! help me!"). maybe you feel talentless, too. and that's where william shatner snatches you up like a walrus hogging oysters.

and now all the celebrities are paid to act stupidly. and bad decisions their managers and agents made in playing chess with them. e.g: the new batman is ben affleck. i'd rather see shatner be batman than even see ben affleck's dumb face.

by the way, they all wear big brown hooded cloaks and sacrifice unborn children.