Sunday, May 31, 2015

numbing the entropy.

define entropy- i see my legs- melting off- i see software-
you're a terrible writer, i'm so much better than you.-
discuss maladaptive tenacity- the sugar- the molecular build-up-

a security checkpoint- a set-up- -                -
elvis lives if i think about the past- i continue to live
as is if i think about the future-

(this is defining an "unknown", which i fear, so i will
define it until it disappears-

you ain't nothing but a hound-dog- that is, until
you walk around as if you own the vicinity
in which you walk around- look down at everyone
who wants to buy you- spit on them-

step on them under your shoe- dribble on yourself-
and say it is their fault- let them know- you are

so much better- let them know-
they will never make it- not as much as you have-

then walk away- until the last second- you hear
a bidder: "wait, wait!"-

it is then that they will buy you-
for all it is worth.

marry- live in a house, not the forest ( : ( bc
you don't want to turn into the unabomber
do what you want- as long as
you do not know what you are doing-

for all it is worth, i do not believe in hope-
i do not believe in apologizing- i do not
believe in promises- i do believe
in the ghosts in the sky- shrouded

by what i project onto them- what it is
that i "project onto them (something that is a verb)"
is also known as reason

it is not scientifically proven.
but it is scientifically proven that

reasoning is a neurotic reaction to
the human condition