Monday, June 22, 2015

secret messages.

an endangered species is a species
that imposes upon itself, diminishing
as the colors change.

by midnight, this kingdom
is to fall to sleep. it's the comatose

kind of sleep- dreamless
and that's it.

all in the way

is ourselves and our dragons.
i have a zoo of them, of firebreath, staying

nocturnal- as in awake
when i sleep. they're mischievous; they'd do anything

for the thrill of being without
being tamed.

they wake with the lively. dreamlessly i lay cold and bared.

let us beach ourselves upon this land, declaring
ourselves an encroachment.
our faces are really the solidity of the air
disguising the mush of ourselves-

parts we do not share. you have to be greedy
every so often.

the northern star blindly guides the direction of
in the kingdom.