Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the law.

culturally imposing rules are not laws. they are indoctrinations of subservience.
don't bother pawning off your values for anything. they are what you love.
everything is out there because there is nothing inside.
i've learned i move through the bottom of the ocean while nobody else even lives here. so of course they're not going to feel the same way i do- given this depth; and of course i'm going to feel detached. i am the only one who lives in the ocean.
a personality disorder is an oft-learned and neuro-chemical condition in which such bullies the personality into overriding itself with symptoms. it looks like an inky yellow snake.
if we are human beings we are philosophizers.
chronic illusionary delusions of accusations are common. we all react to them differently. any reaction that seems irrational to you is not a way you react (unless you're experiencing a hypocrite-moment). since reaction is not really measured, it doesn't matter how we react. it matters that we all react. it especially matters that reactions are the only thing we can change.
humanity is god's experiment on order. if you think this from a scientific perspective, that means my disorder is not my "fault" (faults don't exist. fault is another culturally imposed word used for hurt.)
"hate" doesn't exist. hate is sort of like a body rejecting its parts. it's just contradictory to survival. i know a lot, so i'm allowed to say i know hate has a very bitter and slimy taste. humanity would have nothing to do with the concept of hate if they weren't as innocent in their universal ignorance and confusion. think for a sec. hate is a bunch of blown out of proportion bullshit that feels surface and powerless to me. i'd prefer to reject it from my reality.
my dog's penis infection is extremely smelly. and i think cancer has some fucking nerve.
other times seem so small compared to the largeness of now. this is the problem with the culturally imposing rule of fucks with our perception because it's mathematically inconcievable. all that is is eternity. which is the collective consciousness as experienced during the present moment, which is why it seems so omnipresent.