Saturday, July 18, 2015


i'm crowded with strangers
that seem to want to fuck me. did i say yes
and forget?
i must've. they creep in.

we are all soulmates.
remain, and love, love, love.

fuck me, and suck at it. i give you permission,
devil worship, only because
you're already doing it.

apathy quite reminds me of
how i mourn after my machine gunnings.

where are they now? the curtain, ever unveil?
they are shells. they

could be anywhere. this is
a war-torn country.

which could be useful one day- you never know
when you might need nightmares

to shit all over you and everyone you know.

if you are to pass on this apple,
i suggest a second opinion.

i will not judge you for choosing the fruit.
let the birth

of forests/factories/new formations slip
from your seductive mouth-
out is
a tiny fire, all red and blue and prickly-

test trial of touching- colors
awkwardly developing- utterness

losing itself only in itself- ready,
as i am, to be more of a moon

and less of a planet- eternal ripple.
it's okay. everything is okay.

come to. come to. come to. come to.