Monday, July 13, 2015

epoch, epoch, i demand you do not stick.
in you i have discovered
that meaning can sometimes be a trick.
as well
can sometimes be a trick.

a veil of illusion- we've all worn this thing,
stupid. those of allegiance-
what is it that they think? i wonder about life

from their eyes.

stage left: speak. speak. i once
was furious, these
animal scratches on me i'd sicced
are not something other than
what they turned out to be.

this show and tell is pretense. as it goes,
show and tell is pretense as is.
i misunderstood an assignment again somehow.

i get told to sit aside for failing again.

in the gravity of the familiar
i go to be paralytic.

i want to find out false-sentiments
are a skeptic's invention. a diversion.
a prop for a puppeteer.
what cannot be true
is something that you can undo. yes? yes?

speak. speak. get rid of me. remove of me.