Wednesday, July 15, 2015

gaily clad sadness.

kosmos first spring black which
like light too

black is not a cloud of death,
black can be a swans neck,

craning toward a seeing.

fill the room with black
some elements have not been named yet.

the ground is open.

inside there is a backward-dive.

black takes my heart and smiles at it.

i thought of them beside each other,
and i cried because i knew how to.

love does not know me but love sure
do have me.
willfully i go along with what it is.

is it deceiving? let it. in it is
some likeness of myself that i want to keep.

you're about to be vulnerable.
tissues. tissues. who's got tissues.

cry because it allows movement.
water wants to be such- and everyone lives

to be what they really desire underneath
all fluff.
water desires to move, refusing

to run out of itself

bathe this face. bathe
and bring it gratitude.

kosmos expects you to execute all the colors