Tuesday, July 28, 2015


the empirical back-off. i cannot flutter. i was touched
and now i'm gold. it causes stress.

lost in the wires, of which i obsess over;
intrinsic web of white-glow, under a microscope

it can be removed, or untangled, perhaps
a detonation is needed. it is throughout, twined, and

it crosshatches
into the pierced normal-way of all. get away
from those dead chances

before you drive yourself mad with dead chances.

today i chopped their leaves off
their innocent stalks. some of the innocent flowers
that hadn't had a chance to bloom yet, but

were readying for such,
came off in the process. i had to litter them across
the wasteland-landscape- the work

was hard, and it was very hot out.
the work was innocent, as was
the heat. innocence echos itself into backstrokes

baptizing- the essence of survival.
come to this pool. you're far too old

to fear sharks. jump off a roof into this water
and survive.