Sunday, July 19, 2015

lost and found: old poems that don't embarrass me.


i want to go deeper
poke me with a stick
turn me into a pillar of salt

two cartoon eyeballs
staring into space,

under marzipan crown.

bell of a bike rang once slowly in black spaceeeee.

illegal drugs radar, suspicion
aroused. drugs
with a good scapegoat? a good

plan. good plant. bad plant.
serenity prayers in between meals.
       waves of biology
       mix into my
       conscious thinking. i feel a dream &
transfer to a ship-
my ocean comes back to me
like she promises
every night:
   fuzzy static erasing unwanted neanderthals.

first snowfall comes crumbling
after a day when
it was rainy so
i'm attacking everything-
        drawing ten thousand eyes.

watched bob ross happen in
my backyard, i haven’t
   since i was younger than ten.

ten thousand eyes are
out of their
sockets now, staring 
      at the toothbrush near
muttering about
many an episode, many
prayers to the moon, so
depressed -
       nonstop apologies between crying spells.

bad moon, bad! no, i won't ask
              aphrodite to come 
              out of the galaxy just to

plug my state of consciousness
     my feeling of connection
     make my sense of time move
     really really fast.

the videotape might tangle.

and such discord announces itself
     loudly. i hate it!

talk shit, talk shit, talk so much
your mouth’s talk isn’t
unlike shit.

go ahead, act like you're not
burning under your ruthless sun. but
       you’re melting-
       holy water, thirsty hell
                     -under mine.