Wednesday, July 29, 2015

more vacancy for sale.

the building is empty.
the apartments are empty.
the apartments contents are empty.
the ingredients of the apartments contents are empty.

the current is empty. the wind is empty. the moon is empty.
light pollution is empty. airplane! airplane! airplane is empty.
emergency airplane landing is empty.
passengers- empty.

do's and don'ts are empty.
do empty. don't empty.

i'm sorry for your loss is empty.
wearing black to funerals is empty.

apologies are empty. hope is empty. promises? never
trust a promise. promises are empty.

urgency is empty.
on one knee with a ring that costs months of salary
for the diamond found by enslaved people in africa

is empty.

throwing your water at someone because you're insulted
is empty. insults are empty.

holidays are empty.
keeping up with appearances is empty. appearances
are pretty fucking empty.

poverty is empty.

the birth process is empty.
the death process is empty.

you realize at the beginning. you realize
at the end. you go on to live.

criminalization is empty. de-criminalization is empty.
legalization of drugs is empty.
keeping them illegal is empty.

learning new recipes is empty
being cute and crafty is empty
rock and roll is empty

currency is empty
flags are empty

patriotism is empty

reflections of light are empty
i am tired is empty.