Friday, July 10, 2015

so like, when am i gonna puke? i mean, not from abdominal pain and stuff. just, like, just puke because i feel so sick? i think that's the moment when the demon is going to come out. i'm not gonna squish him/her or anything, just put him/her in a critter cage and declare it "mine". surely, there's super-duper loads of guinea pig litter in the garage. everything else from my childhood is in there. including whatever few secrets i haven't puked yet.

by the way, *it's a beautiful day out*. if you're anything like me, freak the fuck out over how you're not doing anything about it. and clean. and clean. and clean. and regress. brush your teeth at some point. watch half of a movie. realize that it doesn't matter so much that people love you, but that you are unable to love yourself. hope to god that if i were to ever be exorcised, it would work. and i would puke.