Monday, July 13, 2015

shark one shark two.

stretch, great abandon,

past restraint- fuck that. in the cold-wonderings,
restless wake-state, obliged
to be gracefully suited.

a graceful suit is grey
and just a little war-torn-

never helplessly snapped in half.

do not snap. remain sinuous.

look out, if you to be
on the look-out- whose telescope with?

i'm using a sunken eye
is whose telescope.

it is wild. wild with eye, wild with seeing.
blink once but immediately

leave without a trace. never

say goodbye. there will always
be new day of the week, awkward

growth mistaken as innovations

and you will never be okay with them.
never say goodbye.

you'll wind up like snow-white,
all dead inside.

what is it in the world i am to change?
is that what is in the world?
am i the change?

i see reflections of light.
if i see reflections, do i see

because reflections are of me?

that melancholy is for no prophet.
drag the air and swing it into bed, then leave it.
cold, cold is the cold burn.

what do the other
bodies think along the way during union of two?

do they think about simple thinks?
do they still believe they are two?

i have two hundred teeth. the first one
is the beginning of the planet. the
unfathomable is where the minds are drifting

it goes to their dreams in a heartbroken unit.
it goes to storage.
it goes to dumpster-filled shitholes.

they become dumpster-divers
and think there's something wrong with it.

there's got to be more to bodies. my eyes are wild
and open about it.
as is so. as is so.

are not threats

if i go everywhere
without it crossing my mind,

i am a shark. an old shark.
i am a bullet

that's not yet been an object.

i work tirelessly. missions; i've got missions covered.