Tuesday, July 28, 2015

devoured footsteps of all-giver.

governing stands alone.

we mustn't waste time; precious resources- look
at the stars.

we must go above and beyond.

it rained today, and you come from
the bad part of town. the world
is perfect; nothing dies.
you piss yourself in silence
and scream for mama.
it becomes an echo from the top of your mountain.
you make money off your hot little sex.
the world is perfect; nothing dies.

so you are messed up, and you've
said enough. you back out of the light.

i'm messed up. the world is perfect.
i undress.

i looked into my soul, knowing it is there.
something saddens me. my soul
is an invisible garden, drenched in gas.

i make money off my hot little sex.
today i
tied my wrists and ankles to the four posts
of a bed. on me somehow
money continues to be spent. i take the money

and forget what i do with it.
i wind up back to
the four-post bed. all these belts tying me
are made of leather. i think i keep spending money

on belts made of leather. this body has
been sufficiently stretched.
somebody is always leaving a quicksilver mess.

today i looked into my soul. i
saw people on fire. they were all the bodies
of early dreams.

i felt them for they touched. they sizzled;
i was touching the sun.

you're complex, and you wake up after you
go to sleep. during the between
you contemplate on suffering.

you know your reflection well. the outsider
does not have a reflection. you make faces
in your mirror. the outsider makes you
their mirror

and their prophecies, and their dreams. you don't
even know the outsider needs you in order
to carry out their prophecies.

the outsider is cunning.

i saw a sign and was so excited.
when i was little, i was told
i could be arrested for jaywalking.

it frightened me.
today, i think nothing.

what the world needs now the world is out of laws.
what the world needs now the world is out of laws.