Monday, July 20, 2015

the vegetable garden.

after my connection with god congealed
i did not need help being condemned; i can

do it on my own.

-----------+the pariah who faces the body
-----------+practices kissing with its fist
-----------+in the shower

----------+where the tide is weak. don't
be bothered facing such. be
underwater. facing

*a chosen-museperson
*who would see upward. this is someone
*who sees upward into an open womb
this is the stroke of a nudity that feels
like skin against anothers*************
*at the end of the day, this clothed-body person is
*seeing upward.

this growth must has
something to do with faith

in sentiment. somehow.

everything is in order, we are moving
upward- check, check, up
means yes. this garden

is a vertical thing, perhaps
an elevator.

solar agents beaming wizardry of
solar make-up once were

speaking in tongues

now they speak in my head
with the smoothness of
silence, that which tells the story
of mine

that i don't see myself in.

it began long before
looking up at the sky did- forgotten king, mammoth

soon a legacy
to carry on likeness
soon i will carry other things,

but the earth
will do better than that.

it is the snow.

i am on the ground, surrounded
by many bottles today

sitting on a highway, careless
about surroundings.

king of ugly? knock. knock.
king of ugly?

what offers relief?
what incantation do i ask of you
to get relief from you?

do i want to be remembered?
do i want to be remembered like
how others do? i must commit a sacrifice if so.

absolutely right and wrong too at once- is this color gold
the prophet spoken of
by ages old

i'd sworn i've broken out in it

i live in bed- take a look
at my woe, tell me
this is woe.************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************+