Friday, July 10, 2015

there was a cat, cat
in a tree
that wasn't too tall
i asked if he was okay
did he need firemen
he said he was fine
said his name was psycho
then he turned to a smile
but only his teeth showed
and i followed his exit
and all his entrances
i said please do not leave me
please do not leave me

my name is psycho too
and i'm following you
hoping to evade all the
time restraints
and the full moon
and the nice sunsets
all the stuff you're

supposed to just be impressed by
and nothing makes an
impression or captivates
at least me

what on earth is this
sad end-of-earth song
lay on the bed, say
i'm going to meditate
inside i sink further under
turn to my side
like a post-coital white boy
declaring a nap

doze like a shark
because i'm a shark
hear the outside
as much as the inside

feel every vein
as if bundled branches
are strengthening in numbers
and are warning me
they're going to burst out of
my body

the human body
that will be a tree
fractal energy is energy
and the psycho cat
will look at me
inclined to sit on me

if i yearned for something else
other than watching my spinning
like the rings of a planet-

a planet once dreamed of
who thinks from my stomach
which is my center-

if i put a stop to the desire
i would feel so much better

i would not be understood
but learn how to
and always have something
new to do

and not have to worry
about prioritizing or

showering sometimes
is asking too much

this swan is on fire
this swan is on fire

something is crying
taking off its underwear
yanking off sewage
having a hard time
uprooting newborn maple trees
losing friends
and having sex
without discernment
between pleasure/pain.

all the lights are off, but
somebody is home
and this is the picture
of my home
with myself in it.