Thursday, July 30, 2015


reachless greet:
that lover- the one that takes over when torture
an understatement, which is always. it takes
itself out on itself, flickering a

sense of self paralyzed between

a wars lack of strategy. and even further
in-between: my jealousy of

humanity: a window i
headpress against. i put faith in- no- i know
of commonality among them, and that

it is innocence. i'm outside and
noticing. it must be true

that i am one without humanity.

where is the innermost desire- that

is that not what expression orbits?
we all

need to destroy a little bit, and i refuse
to accept
i've a willingness to please.

i've said this before and i'll say it again:
space is dangerous. everything

can potentiate a danger.

it's said that people explode up there in space-
so might too i-
and that it's really dark-

as too might i be to see. so

give me space and spare me
nothing- in however zooming every flying


not a moment of it will seem weird.