Wednesday, August 26, 2015

branch of the government, you have some soul searching to do-
but only if you ask me
others may disagree

you make me want to drink coffee around you
and that's the only thing i want to do
i feel like a piece of fresh shit
i feel like i don't care enough

my head hurts the sky hurts it weighs down on my head
the back of my neck is sore
from all the pills i took for my head

i want to go to bed i tell you so but you don't care
you go off on a tangent about laws concerning bed

"no BJs in this state no anal either
i'd have it neither in every state," you say
if you had it your way

let's send you to a culturally shocking part of the world
and either kill you or give you PTSD, you say
let's not attend to your needs
get off your butt and deserve like me

i like to play gold
i like to wear serial killer sneakers as i play golf
i like to wear shirts with alligator logos on them
i like to wear visors
i like grass to be fake