Friday, August 7, 2015


nameless anthem, it's up to you
to call on yourself. dream of the day. it might feel

awkward but perhaps

with a title
you will be understood.

this whole time, glory
cannot be reached. it doesn't work

like that.
and if you fall on your face, nobody will
notice this descent.

scientific evidence
doesn't back up failure. and if you succeed

nobody will care more than you.

further away
from the canopy

far from being paralyzed with fear
the friendlier i am to it.

speaking with the trees and
the traffic, replicating how i expect myself to be

i am all i see. they
are me

and not my expectations, not the anger i feel
because expectations are not meant

to be lived up to.

if it is the present moment, it is a miracle-
i am dancing to it