Friday, August 7, 2015

jaws of life.

rules are making themselves and
coming after me

then giving up

when they see it's me they've been sent to
check up on. "hey, hopeless," they say. i tell them

i've been thinking a lot about roman candles

they walk away and i know deep inside

i'm still in love with them, as they are
with me, as we all are

with each other. the soul

is not many many things- the collective force.

i like to make love even when i don't know
i'm doing it. but i know

it speaks to me.

i'm looking in the mirror, having
territory, and staring at myself for food.

let me go

the jaws of life.

i love you guys, you whose

songs soothe. magic is
innate and evolutionary. somehow you know.

i'm giving medicine through visions

without knowing that's what's happening. the innocence
drives me wild.

if drifters have places in the world,

it's to know every member of the family
without torturing them into positions.

is half the battle. this isn't reality shimmering

around you. the almighty
diversion. reality is coming from

inside, and has long been

a pool there. the
infinite room.