Monday, August 17, 2015


i want to do things slowly. i want to get my point across
to my process, suggesting itself-

slug slime-
in the sweat is heat-

coming together, must see humanity in clouds
they, appendages of god, protecting solely eternity- the sole lover

and the thunder
is the punishment for devil worship

song birds hold tightly to teaching, songs
memorized, memorized incidentally

never to be grieved over.

listen up number one. these are all gifts. gifts
are the least translated offerings out there
but not an endangered species.
people like gifts all sorts of ways.

they often trump my values. i feel like a dick sucking away
at itself. i hope my dick falls off

because i feel bad about being spoiled by gifts.

it does not


my life falls apart

listen up number two. the oldest flower in the world

is the same age as all the children ever.

misfortune is an unheard-of concept
karma being anything
but a smack in the face about amorality
is also a new concept

you've got bad karma! bad! bad! you ought to be spanked,
whipped, and plagued by memories of fucked up

love is from the sky. not meat, but contributes
to it. meat
yelled timber
and broke every bone in its body. his unconscious mind

is being tricked into a parasitic, false fulfillment
to write itself

into a bullshit getaway car