Sunday, August 30, 2015

the song that keeps me going without falling apart midway.

previous level of functioning.

i suppose waking up every day is
better than death. we can give this a try and pretend

yesterday never happened, is what
we all say

when we wake up
every day. it's practically

my alarm clock. i love it so much.

i'm sure people not being in front of me at all times is
better than death- i'm sure, i remind myself,

they are around, out there- in the world. it's me really
who is hiding. they are there.

i'm sure not even trying to trust reality is
better than death. i've

only seen the sun rise a few times but sometimes

i'd rather it not.
i'm not alone, just the only one


and i'm sure my room getting messy is
better than death. it's just a

case of the fuck-its, as i

like to call it. it takes a lot of effort but i still
shower whenever

and eat whenever
and paint whenever

whether it comes to me or not, it's
ultimately up to me

and i reassure these reminders that i will
come around. i'll come around; i always do.