Sunday, August 16, 2015

i'll say

whatever culture is
is what it is not-

we all romanticize
those parts in our minds

at least in my culture

that we carry around
like little doggies
in shopping carts

little pet secrets
that love you when they're naked
that love you when they sing the blues
that love you until they go to school
to learn to be
such a good little thinker

they look at you as they walk away
and you cry and say goodbye

as you release them from the nest
remaining attached.

they go to school
to develop formations
of pet secrets of their own

against anything they've been taught.
they speak about it

when they fuck.

something about us all
will always remain in tune
with the hearts on our sleeves.

yes i will always be a mother
to someone else
who is also a mother
to someone else