Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a preemptive.

i think we should all nurture our dreams. they, alive and awake
we, deeply imagining and exploring
i think we should strip our dreams and see them
however they talk to themselves. i'm just seeing myself, i'll say.
i see the light. i'm just seein' the light. i see

this is myself
chasing after my own tail. i see remnants of
what i remember and what i am to see. i think we ought

to feed the garments that wrap
our dreams

to however they happen upon- they are to be
unto? unto. i am due to

wake up? allow me
to tell you in a dream, you were there, and you were
there, and you, and you. i saw you because i

ride through waves of me and in you it is myself
i see. all my choices in my dream appeared


but were all affected by each other like
crazy molecules. this chant referred to itself

as the truth of fulfillment.