Wednesday, September 23, 2015

the catalyst.

semantics (a dissertation): why?
semantics are the most passable, allowed human behavior, even though it's impassive and obstructive. semantics have been here since the dawn of mankind. how did semantics ever get by and so below the radar like how they do?
the people spoke and they also discerned. they forgot to keep up with the ratio of that which is spoken and discernment. so long it has been since people lost touch with watching over their ability to discern and to express this discernment: they don't even know that it's unhealthy to add to the truth at all, that the truth is minimal as is, the truth is freedom.
the people are creatures of habit, ones who still follow ancient customs. tbey spend their lives orbiting judgments, working in order to keep up with judgments, screwing their heads with judgments- though the planet orbits around light:

the earth continues
to watch after
the sunshine. the people see

but are blinded by falsities.
their capabilities to perceive

are often dulled.

what does the earth see
in the sunshine?

does she see the light? is this
the earth's own light?
does the earth able to see? does she

choose to open her eyes
imagine how she'd prefer to?

does she imagine the light
with her eyes closed? is the earth

chasing its own tail? is this too
what we do?

i'm going to be sunny.

page01 heightened sensitivity is synonymous with perception. i might feel sort of crazy because of the capacity to experience so much information that it feels fast and to the most personal extent. it's not easily understood. page 02it shifts, ideas get mixed up together 03you lose your memory. (hippocampus inhale hippcampus exhale)04not worry about anything really, because that involves a lot of passing of judgments05 stop denying this: we were raised to endure wars with one another. that is what competition is. engaging in war against others. engaging in war with the self. war is clearly throughout everything. i suggest that satisfaction is confused with pain.

page02 we live under a shady umbrella. the infrastructure is weak. i believe we all live under oligarchies. an oligarchy is a bunch of people living under the money of a few people.
there really isn't an order on than the technocracy traits. technology keeps things appearing streamlined, according to a misinformed standard one has for organization. our minds organize no matter what. we all share the collective unconscious.
we all all look weird to each other. and we should, we're all bewildered. we act with confounded, self-evident gestures.
mountains, bodies of land, and rivers have names. i call myself names for not having all of these names memorized. rivers are not called "the water". the need to be more than the water. they need to be homages, too. how am i supposed to remember anything this way?
we need more than is possible; we believe in ghosts before anything else. our urge to complicate is very sure of itself, as if it's the only certainty we all share. so lots of things flower, more than can be cared for.
right now, everyone has been initiated into a technocracy rat race, so to speak.

we can look at things without telling them anything except the truth- the truth being that we are looking at things.