Sunday, October 25, 2015

gizzards who-bat.

list-off of sane celebrities: the country you can't ignore
on a day otherwise glum- landscapeless. this is where

i want to go, to
make up for my poor grades as a

and other things i've grown from. downward,
flying ship, to being- some other-
source of light- so many at- once!-
caught in the trees- where

i do not leave- and not because i fear
escape- but because i can breathe again- and
effortlessly- i feel strong- so- no escape.

i do not regret

resisting regrets, though regrets
teach me that we are many-bodied, poppie-covered,
skin of survival (the language). i do not regret
because i am alive.

day of the picked zit: mutilation leaves
me only
a display of how i hurt myself with yourself.

i am owed an explanation for- so i explain to myself

i can
count with my fingers. i count on them. what is
dog-shit on the carpet?  where

the beetles go. how come we just say "okay" to

the dog-shit? it really let me down. i had
been clean for years.

not allowed in the crowd- it feels
my every violated moment memorized-

i go- tumescent: stage-props- distractions
in the spared time. there's not-
an audacious amount to mother-

this is all
setting an example, being a good influence- exploring
the negative space- warming up
to being it.

stage-props mouth what
a leaking gut might have to- slobber-

shot in my eye. this is who we are spotting for,
disguising the
growth of cellular delight

for the sake
of assorting a document. (this sacrament
has been around a very long time).

wild and sexy naked-rabbit (dying of old age). these are
my days:

at the bottom of the well, believing
that is where i am, i do what i believe
i can, knowing
i believe i can- and this is how i live-

must i assume it is seen? show them
you are alert. make it known

you appear to yourself.
scheming yokes, and then
rules. they're all whores. we're all whores. sex
is no longer
an intimate experience, and let me tell you:

holiness is a new sin, though
i feel shunned- it has always been-
so if you want to, shave your head in
privacy, show them only meat,
be this kind of in love.