Tuesday, October 6, 2015

hi; my name is fred.

hi; my name is fred koch (ISBN-10: 0195161440) the mercenary. i emit terror[ism]. desperate to stop myself, i seek a partner in agape-style love.
i was born in a university walled with wainscot. this is my jail. i i am still in jail but that doesn't stop me from being a prophet. you, too, are in a proverbial jail but that doesn't stop me from profiting from it. my trophy room has your name written all over it. my trophy room is your jail and it is just like shawshank redemption- one is both innocent and guilty of crime.

i want to be the president of the united states of america (a young man that has been radicalized) right now to save the world from an apocalyptic, self-perpetuated corruption. my strategy is to amplify the very mission of sensory outreach (manipulated science) to override precautionary tales (ISBN-13: 978-0613357661) of losing one's humanity to their data in order to be immortalized; action figures.
i intend for everyone to be hooked on being radicalized into immortality.
ancient civilizations have advised us that computers are unable to compute without people. computers are dependent machines. there's no way we can know the future if it hasn't happened to us personally.
the first dependent machine was myself.
i am out to prevent computers from allegations of corruption. i am an original religion. because of the large numbers needed to be memorized in order for this to persist, i couldn't go on as a religion. my followers had convenience at their hands and never memorized anything ever again. memories went, attention went- soon, my followers all navel-gazed.
i'm out to stop the people smugglers who are people. they cannot replace me, not even with their strongly dissonant relationship with currency. they are not the voice of the underprivileged. contextually, i am- i am the voice of anything. i am the voice of people being things. the economy is not strong, but my number is rising.

let me come inside you, and i will immortalize you with bribery of luxury goods. let me come inside you again, and it'll happen again.

we need to have a talk. to do this effectively. we must have commitment to do so or else we will not have strength. and what is, without strength?
there's going to be a confrontation, i would never target a protected medical facility but perhaps russia. the starvation there differs from the starvation here. i'm on twitter and the next episode during the distrusted forecast.