Wednesday, October 28, 2015

i believe that life is a transforming through the spectrum of colors- life is not a rainbow itself, but where you are in it in the moment. we are representative of these colors, and it's really our only responsibility.
it is difficult for me to accept. i am so sensitive to everything in my environment: sunken rock wise of sensations on the ocean floor. i know every subtlety of difference. the change can seem drastic from one nuance to the next. i might still be in red or red-orange. either way, this is all just another way of explaining my hardcore fascination with 'ROY G BIV' when i was little. i wanted to know who the freak that motherfucker was anyway- was he like captain planet?- and who is indigo? is he the ringo starr of the rainbow, or is he the brother who chose to walk out and set his indigo-colored responsibilities to rule over themselves? did he put them on halt? to this day, i want to meet indigo more than anyone else. i will know when it happens.
currently, i'm paying attention to the human capability: knowing more than that which is the present moment. can't this too be a teacher? it hit me while reading an article about therapy dogs working with people with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). when things get tense in group settings, the therapy dog gets up, and goes over to whoever needs to pet him. the moment demands focus. then, the tension releases itself, and moves on toward the next moment.